Vladimir Shnayderman

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About Me

I consider my self a recovering engineer, allow me to explain what i mean by a recovering engineer. As an engineer I saw value in any and all new technology innovation, basically anything that was more complicated to use. Two years of business school and many hours of business analysis cured me of technology overexcitement.

At present I am helping others like me to be more business oriented and have a proper balance between technology and business.

Some of the companies that i work with are :

Espiritu Design Studio – Business Developer and Marketer

NaturelEyes -VP of Marketing and Media



I specialize in business analysis of new technological innovation such as new web products. Working directly with engineers and business owners to determine whether or not the product is viable and how viable for the market they are trying to reach.

I am hoping to help others to analyze their technology and determine the viability of it.

My latest achievement in this area it to lecture at Westminster college on the subject of web marketing and gorilla tactics to promote and gather following.